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Story Ideas

Here are a few short story ideas found while doing research and hope in some way to inspire that inner writer in all of us and feel free to use or edit anything found useful.

dot  All Write Alright
dot  Authority Pub
dot  Bookfox
dot  Bryn Donovan
dot  Chatebooks
dot  Creative Writing Now
dot  Ereading Worksheets
dot  E.M. Welsh
dot  Hobby Lark
dot  Imagine Forest
dot  Journal Buddies
dot  Let's Write a Short Story
dot  Lucy Flint
dot  Masterclass
dot  Pandora Post
dot  Pinterest
dot  Plot Generator
dot  Random Things To Do
dot  Reedsy
dot  Screencraft
dot  Self-Publishing School
dot  Servicescape
dot  Shayla Raquel
dot  Squibler
dot  TCK Publishing
dot  The Write Practice
dot  Thought Catalog
dot  Topics Base
dot  Writepop
dot  Writer's Digest
dot  Writing Like A Boss