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Online Courses

There are numerous online writing courses and with an abundance of options I tried to narrow the field to subjects including, fiction, non-fiction, freelancing, poetry or blogging. Some may require a fee so read the requirements on each site to choose which selection fits your needs.

dot  Come Write With Us - Fee
dot  Freelance Writers Den - Fee
dot  Freelance University - Fee
dot  Transcribe Anywhere - Fee
dot  Proofread Anywhere - Fee
dot  Udemy - Fee
dot  Copyblogger Membership - No Fee
dot  Storytelling Fundamentals - Free Trial
dot  Mystery Writing – Fee
dot  How to Plot and Structure Your Novel – Fee
dot  Writing Basics 101 – Fee
dot  DIY MFA Writing Class - No Fee
dot  How to Write a Novel - No Fee
dot  Writing What You Know - No Fee
dot  How to Write a Business Book - No Fee
dot  The Novelry - Fee
dot  Character-Driven Short Stories - Fee
dot  Writing Suspense in Any Genre - Free Trial
dot  Triangle Method of Character Creation - Fee
dot  A Comprehensive Guide to Comics - Fee
dot  Your First Bestseller - Fee
dot  Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers - Fee
dot  Catapult - Fee
dot  Gotham Writers Workshops - Fee
dot  Grub Street - Fee
dot  Creative Writing Course - No Fee
dot  Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy - No Fee
dot  Writing For Children - No Fee
dot  How to Write a Suspense Novel - No Fee
dot  Essentials of Memoir Writing - Fee
dot  BraveWriter: Online Classes for Young Writers - Fee
dot  Anatomy of a Crime - Fee
dot  Make Time to Write - Fee