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Some of the following newsletters can be viewed online, while other selections can be transferred to an email address. Some are posted daily, while a few only have a weekly or monthly option.

dot  Ann Handley
dot  Austin Kleon’s weekly newsletter
dot  Deez Links
dot  Duotrope
dot  Firstwriter
dot  Funds for Writers
dot  Horror Tree
dot  Kaleigh Moore
dot  Megan Holstein
dot  Memoir Monday by Narratively
dot  Natasha Khullar Relph
dot  Not A Writer’s Club
dot  One More Question
dot  Poem-a-Day
dot  Right Writing News
dot  Seth Godin’s Daily newsletter
dot  Sonia Weiser’s Opportunities of the Week
dot  Study Hall
dot  Susan Shain’s Where to Pitch Newsletter
dot  The Ann Friedman Weekly
dot  The Freelancer Feed
dot  The Freelance Beat from Tatiana Walk-Morris
dot  The Grinder
dot  The Third Something by Adam Westbrook
dot  The Write Life
dot  Tor
dot  Total ANNARCHY from Ann Handley
dot  Where to Pitch
dot  Writing Wednesdays by Steven Pressfield